Everyone during this time is probably home, bored, and needing a sparkle of creativity to brighten them up. I have brought together a few different art activities to spark creativity and release boredom.

If you ever feel anxious, worried, or terrified for something coming up like a test or exam, painting, especially watercolor, can actually be useful for you.

Watercolor Paper is one of the main key concepts of watercolor. If you don't know much about it, it can be tough to choose a good brand. Ever have that feeling where you just walk into a store, looking for watercolor paper, and you just feel totally overwhelmed? I did too when I was first starting out. However, hopefully...

Watercolor landscapes are calming and soothing, with their smooth washes and fine details. I recently found some perfect watercolor landscape inspiration from Pinterest, YouTube, and my own camera roll as well that I hope will be inspiring for you to start creating artworks of beauty!